Why Kids Lie, and 7 Ways to Get Them to Tell the Truth


Do you ever wonder why kids lie? What actually starts them down this path of being dishonest? This great article by Amy McCread, first featured on TODAYMoms, really gets at the heart of this behavior and offers suggestions on how to change it.

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10 Ways to Teach Your Kids Honesty

mom-and-daughter“Honesty is the first chapter of the book of girl crossing fingers behind her back wisdom,” wrote Thomas Jefferson. When it comes to small children and honesty, it’s not usually hard to find. The word “brutal” comes to mind. “Aunt Becky, did you know that your belly is huge?” With older children and teens, the truth sometimes becomes more elusive. Here are a few ideas to help guide your children on the correct honesty path:

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Teaching Your Kids to Be Honest

lying650_032012123945Honesty affects all areas of our lives, so it’s important that children learn at an early age how to tell the truth. Yet, are parents making it more difficult for their kids to tell the truth? This article offers parents a new approach to encouraging honesty. 

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