Get to Know Mrs. Scuttlebug

Posted on January 31, 2014 in Meet the Characters

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Are you as curious about Mrs. Scuttlebug as we are? You’re in luck! Though she is very busy taking care of the animals in the Enchanted Kingdom of Sugarwood, she took a few minutes to answer some questions about herself.

  1. Where did you learn how to make magic? My great Auntie Faye taught me everything I know. That ladybug really had a gift.
  2. Can you fly? Of course! But between me and you, my landings in my old age don’t go as smoothly as they did when I was in my younger bug years.
  3. Where did you find magic jumping beans? If you go past Vulture Valley, turn when you see a field of lady lips, there, you will come across Dancing Light Canyon. You have to be there when the sun sets to see them, and boy is it a sight to see. Dearie, me! The jumping beans cover the entire ground, and in the sunset light, the ground looks like it’s dancing. How you catch them, thats another story.
  4. Why do you feed peacock feathers honey? Because honey gives the feathers a lovely shine that mustard just can’t, no matter how hard I’ve tried.
  5. Where do you get all of your potions, like Leopard’s Leap and Sunrise Shakes? I collect items here and there, dearie. Magic is everywhere. You just have to seek it out.